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Randy (Left)

Randy (Patrick Roach) is the trailer park supervisor of Sunnyvale. He is also known of being the lover of Mr. Lahey.


Randy was a former male prositute who went under the name Smokey while on the streets. It is mentioned that Mr. Lahey helped him get off the streets. Randy is known to eat a lot through out the show. He is often made fun of for his weight by Ricky, Bubbles, and J-Roc.


Randy is known to be Bi-sexual even though it is never said on the show. In one episode, Randy asks Bubbles for advice, in which Bubbles showed him a woman, which he said he liked, and a male penis, which Randy said he liked as well. In another episode, after being caught in a bumble bee outfit and Mr. Lahey in an Indiana Jones type-outfit, Lahey annouced he and Randy were gay. During the last season of the show, Randy began dating Lucy for the second time. This confirmed the belief that Randy is Bi-sexual.

Fun FactsEdit

Towards to the later seasons, Mike Clattenburg began having Pat use a "stunt belly". He had a prosthetic stomach made so he appeared to be larger than he was.

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